3rd World Red Cross Red Crescent Youth Meeting 2009, Solferino, Itali..

As proposed by the Youth Commission at the last General Assembly and following the strong support given to the Pledge 129 at the last International Conference, the 3rd World Red Cross and Red Crescent youth meeting will take place in Solferino, Italy, from 23 to 28 June, 2009.

About 600 youth active representatives from all over the world will come together to learn, share and discuss present and future humanitarian challenges.

This event will be an important joint investment into our global human capital for the future development and successful progress to be reported to the International Conference in 2011.

"Youth on the move. Doing more. Doing better. Reaching further" wants to stress the call to action to face new humanitarian challenges, be better prepared, increase the number of youth volunteers, improve youth programmes and be closer to the communities to improve the lives of more vulnerable people.

The themes of the trainings and workshops organized will follow our Global Agenda goals.

Humanitarian Village

The campsite, modeled as a “Humanitarian Village,” is organized to host thousands of Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteers in Solferino, to celebrate the birth of the Movement. The 200,000 square meters of the “Humanitarian Village” will include all necessary logistical arrangements from welcome services, accommodation, meals, safety, and security services.

The camp will also serve as a platform for showcasing the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement at work. Activities in disaster, health, capacity building, and Movement principles will be held on the Humanitarian Boulevard. This includes Emergency Response Units training, an interactive shelter assembling competition, a Humanitarian Fair for knowledge sharing, cultural performances portraying humanitarian issues, Raid Cross, and other role playing activities. There will be social activities in the evenings, and guided tours to the International Museum of the Red Cross in Castiglione delle Stiviere.

The Humanitarian Village will be an important moment to encounter different delegations of many National Societies. Each Society will have the opportunity to showcase their own work, share their experiences, skills, and demonstrate how the Red Cross and Red Crescent can make a difference in improving the lives of the most vulnerable.

The international press, as well as national and international authorities, will be invited to witness the Movement’s capacity and skills in how to cope with humanitarian emergencies.


On June 27, 2009, the Fiaccolata - the well-known torch-lit procession which follows the same path walked by nurses who took injured soldiers from the battlefield of Solferino to the first medical outpost in Castiglione - will conclude the commemorating of Solferino.

Besides the participants to the "Youth on the move" and the Humanitarian Village, thousands of volunteers from a large number of National Societies as well will walk the 10-kilometer long path, holding torches and remarking the humanitarian spirit with every step.

Every year since 1992, thousands of people participate in this strongly suggestive and evocative event, which this year more than ever will be marked by highly suggestive moments.

Malaysian Red Crescent Team:

1. Mohd Ikhwan mukhetar ( Kelantan )

2. Lee chia hau ( Johor)

3. Anantha Kumar ( Selangor )

Memories at Solferino :

to be continue......

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